Splitting the family businessSplitting the family business

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Splitting the family business

It's hard enough getting divorced, but if you also have a family business there is an extra level of complication with ensuring the business is split in the right way. It's important to have a lawyer who knows how to organise a divorce settlement in a way that doesn't affect the operation of the family business, as both parties need the business to remain profitable. I have a lot of experience in these matters and can make some recommendations on the right steps to take, including which divorce lawyers are most suitable when splitting a family business. Read on for more information.

Reasons Why Wills Are Important

Wills are some of the most important documents that can help make your life and that of your family members much easier. They not only help to protect your loved ones, but also make it easy for all involved to manage your assets and wealth in the best way you'd like it done. Below are the top reasons you need to prepare your will as soon as possible. Wills help to quicken the probate process Read More 

Wills: Do You Have Grounds To Contest?

When it comes to inheritance, you will find that some individuals may seek to contest a will simply based on their belief that the property of the estate has not been distributed equitably. Although this is a good point to start with your concerns about a will, it is not the only basis that you would require to prove that the will is invalid. Instead, you would have to prove that the will was drawn up under dubious circumstances that would invalidate it. Read More 

What should you do if your ex-spouse has refused to pay spousal support?

The judge or jury may order your ex-spouse to pay alimony or spousal support as part of the divorce ruling. Generally, spousal support is paid by the spouse who is earning more to the spouse who is earning less. This serves to balance the economic stability of both spouses and have the lower-earning spouse live a comfortable life without being destitute and dependent on public assistance. So what happens if your ex-spouse refuses to pay alimony? Read More 

Can I file a petition for contempt?

If the judge made an order in your family law case, such as ordering your spouse to pay a certain sum as spousal support, and the responsible party isn't honouring the order, you can chose to file a contempt of court petition. This is a mechanism used by individuals through their attorneys to help enforce court orders. Read on for more insight about how petitions for contempt can affect cases involving family law. Read More